After months of development, Worqloads is excited to announce the general availability of SmartScaler on AWS Marketplace.

SmartScaler is a SaaS product that automates horizontal scaling of your SAP application servers (ie Netweaver instances) based on your needs, whether they are predictable or not. It fully integrates with your AWS infrastructure as well as SAP application servers that provide SAP specific metrics to enable relevant scaling policies.

SmartScaler bring elasticity on all SAP customers systems.

When the idea comes from

…trends to cloud

SAP customers journey to the cloud has started and will continue in the years to come, reinforced by SAP focus on Cloud businesses, as they have recently developed new offerings and partnerships with Public Cloud market leaders.

This journey will be accentuated without any doubt by the planned end of life of ECC by 2027.

…on-premise heritage

SAP IT landscape are sized upfront to meet peak workloads with a good amount of buffer, resulting in ~40% to 60% available idle capacity utilization per month. This type of sizing method does not take advantages of scalability property offered by Cloud providers.

SmartScaler aims to lower the gap with Cloud native applications by seamlessly providing elasticity and horizontal scaling to SAP systems.

What are the benefits from using SmartScaler?

Here are 3 key gains in subscribing to SmartScaler SaaS:

  • Cost reduction: reduce operational costs by optimizing cloud compute resources used by SAP.
  • No compromise on performance: get the full power of your cloud infrastructure for SAP when needed. SmartScaler enables alignment of SAP workloads, from your end users or background batches, with EC2 computation capacities as it dynamically and quickly starts cloud instances and their hosted SAP instances to respond the raising workload. Secure and mitigate risks of obsolete or not realistic SAP sizing by leveraging a pool of SAP idle instances.
  • Lower carbon footprint: contribute to run more sustainable and efficient operations to help reach your Carbon neutral objective.

How much can you save money?

Worqloads provides an online Cost saving estimator for you to estimate your recurrent savings using SmartScaler:

How to get started?

Login into your AWS account and go to SmartScaler product page:

Then, follow these 5 quick and simple steps to onboard and start reducing your AWS bills:

  1. Subscription of SmartScaler product in AWS Marketplace
  2. User registration for your Company.
  3. Installation of SmartScaler agent
  4. Configuration and activation of your SAP systems to be scaled
  5. Choose and enable scaling policies.

Online document is available to assist you through the process: