Hanalytics Features

  • Hana logs and traces monitoring is now available in v1.2.0 of Hanalytics as beta. As a reminder, it was selected by you from a proposition of 4 features in April ! The feature is now available to use and confirm how relevant it is.
  • New licensing model applies: it has switched from a system model to a database (tenant db) model as it is and will be more and more relevant in the future with the larger adoption of HANA MDC (# Multitenant Database Containers), standard for HANA since version 2.0. Details here.
  • Update of technical components to provide few improvments in UI and back end optimization.
  • Optimization and bug fixing on Hanalytics back end.

Coming soon

  • A new survey to define what’s coming next as the big feature of Hanalytics. Available here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfyldcAJIwXIAKOa674Jv11cZeWt0DVU37I9IBE-01rV4a0Tg/viewform. Options are:
    • SAP HANA dump analyzer to quickly and effortlessly get insights of unfriendly dumps files
    • Housekeeping oriented data volume optimizer to help optimize the use of precious HANA RAM
    • Self service: the capability to create custom SQL queries / KPIs
    • XSA Applications monitoring to get insights of how your web apps behave
      • Feature to freely explore and correlate all KPI from your systems
      • Demo platform will get more representative as of SAP Landscape with Solution Manager and ABAP systems to demonstrate how Hanalytics is well integrated with SAP non HANA technologies

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