An important change is now applicable on the licensing model of Hanalytics:

  1. Unit price for the subscription is now the database/tenant database, replacing the system unit.
  2. Unit price changed from 150€ to 200€ per month
  3. For any subscription of Productive SAP system, all the non Productive systems are free of charge

We have decided to change the licensing model of Hanalytics from a system model to a database (tenant db) model as it is and will be more and more relevant in the future with the larger adoption of HANA MDC (# Multitenant Database Containers), standard for HANA since version 2.0.
This choice makes sense to get closer to Hanalytics customers use cases.

We also think that to get most value from Hanalytics on your SAP systems, it is mandatory to have it all under its scope. It is simple, you cannot get full picture of what’s going within your project context only from your Production systems KPIs. You very often need to compare, benchmark, test with other systems, that’s what they are for.
Hence this strong decision to make it free for you to get of insights and make relevant decisions and actions plan.

Finally, unit price slightly increased to make whole licensing model relevant and viable. This price also applies for Solution Manager system.

Concretely, as an example, for a simple 3 HANA 2.0 systems landscape DEV-QUAL-PROD with a SYSTEMDB and 1 tenant DB, total monthly price is:

  • with old licensing model : 3 * 150 = 450 €
  • with new licensing model: 2 * 200 = 400 €, it results in a 50€ discount

The gain get higher with more and more systems in your landscape. You can do the math!