3 weeks since the start of this survey to define the most needed and valuable features in HANA monitoring and administration, and gathering votes of SAP BASIS people based on four options:

  • Self service: the capability to create custom SQL queries / KPIs
  • SCP integration: deploy Hanalytics among your other SAP Cloud Platform service
  • XSA Applications monitoring to get insights of how your web apps behave
  • Integration of log and trace monitoring: to get a full picture of what’s going on in your HANA system

Winner is by far “Integration of log and trace monitoring” !

Survey results - Most needed features for HANA monitoring and administration?

Results are not so surprising to me as I definitely find that standard monitoring tools for SAP haven’t tackle this part of information sources that often hold key and valuable information.

I’m very happy to announce that this feature will be part of Hanalytics next release to bring a strong added value and differentiating from competitors 🎉.
Now on, management of HANA systems will be far less troublesome and time consuming.

Stay tuned for more details on next release.